1. Do I have to contact my insurance company after an accident?
Yes- Whether you repair your vehicle through your insurance company or the other parties it is wise to protect yourself and report the incident to your insurance company.

2. Do I have to use the shop that the insurance company is referring me to?
No- You have the right to choose the shop where you would like your repairs to be done per: Title 10 Chapter 5 Section 2695.8 (g) of the California Insurance Code.

3. Do you work with my insurance company?
Yes- Northridge Collision has established positive business relationships and will work with every auto insurance company that does business in California.

4. Do I need to get three estimates?
No-You can bring your vehicle in and we will handle the estimate with your insurance company.

5. Are you open on Saturday?
Yes- We are open on Saturday from 9am-12pm, for estimates, pick-ups and drop offís

6. Do I have to pay my deductible when I drop off my vehicle?
No-Payments are not due until the completion of repairs.

7. What warranty does the shop offer?
Northridge Collision offers a Lifetime Warranty on all Body and Paint repairs. (Part warranties very from manufacturer to manufacturer).

8. Will my car be refinished completely?
No- Your vehicle will be refinished in the damaged area; any adjacent panels may-be blended for color comformity.

9. Will my paint color match?
Yes- Northridge Collision has invested in a computerized color matching system and will utilize current refinish and blending techniques to ensure your paint color matches.

10. How do I get a rental car?
We can set up your rental and have them to pick you up when you drop off your vehicle for repairs.
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Background:  Auto Repair Direct Repair Program (DRP)
The practice of offering names of repair shops to insureds following an auto accident is widely used throughout the automobile insurance industry. The theory behind doing so is simple. The insured does not have to seek two or three estimates and repairs are started without delay. In addition, the insurance company knows and trusts the repair shop to do quality repair work and provide excellent customer service.

It is a misconception that insurance companies require insureds to have their vehicles repaired at insurer-recommended repair shops. Under California law, no insured is required to take his or her car to a direct repair shop. The direct repair program (DRP) is only offered as a repair option.

The DRP program is designed to benefit insurance policyholders. The cost involved in repairing automobiles is better managed by reducing the claims handling time and costs. In addition, insureds are guaranteed that repairs will be done properly and to their satisfaction.

The insured is given the choice of taking the vehicle to the repair shop of their choice. If desired, the company will provide recommendations to the insured for DRP shops conveniently located near the insuredís residence or place of employment. Once the insured selects a shop, the vehicle is taken there at the insuredís convenience and work begins as soon as the insurance company is notified. The insured is also notified in writing that the repairs are guaranteed for as long as he or she owns the vehicle.

Before a repair shop is selected the insurance company inspects it in order to make sure that the shop meets strict criteria for necessary equipment, training, licensing and management. In addition, random inspections are conducted by insurance companies on work performed by direct repair shops to make sure that repairs are being completed properly.